While Operaiton and Productivity Efficiency is keys for success, all C-levels in organizations are well aware of the Cybersecurity. Ransomware, Data leak and System hacked are among top priority in this 2022 year. IT Pattana are among expertise companies who involves in Cybersecurity protection and prevention since outset. Customers can focus on the Operation and Production where leave the IT security and Cybersecurity with IT Pattana professional team to take care.

"Sophos is one of the most enterprise-friendly SaaS endpoint security suite"

IT Pattana has been implemented Sophos Security Suites for multiple manufacturing customers in EEC Rayong and Chonburi. Customers can start with Sophos Intercept-X which is the Endpoint protection for Client and Server. More advanced features to protect against Zero-day attacks are Sophos EDR/XDR. Sophos also offers DLP (Data Loss Prevention / Data Leak Prevention) features which has gained more and more attentions to protect the Data Privacy. 

IT Pattana recommends Sophos also for organizaitons who want to prepare to conform Thailad PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act).

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Native Windows defender can be augmented with McAfee Mvision. McAfee offers enterprise Endpoint protection both Clients and Servers via Single Cloud Dashboard.

Customers can view and manage McAfee centrally using ePolicy. McAfee offer both on-premise and Cloud management.

McAfee unique Browser Isolation feature ensure no malicious web content ever even reaches enterprise endpoints’ web browsers by isolating all browsing activity to unknown and risky websites into a remote virtual environment. With spear phishing links, RBI works best when running the mail client in the web browser. The user systems cannot be compromised if web code or files cannot run on them, making RBI the most powerful form of web threat protection available.

Acronis offers BaaS (Backup as a Service) to ensure that in the event of data disaster, organization can restore all information needed.

In many cases, remote workforces such as sales keeps confidential data in laptop local harddrive. Such data is at risk of being breached, or lost either by intentionally by the users or others.

Acronis offers unique DLP (Data Loss Prevention) feature to prevent the data being moved outside.

In some case, staffs leaving the company, intentionally delete the data in thier laptop or in the server.  Because the data was backup on the Acronis Cloud, organization can restore such value data back with ease.

Meraki MX platform offers extensive suite of security features, including

Layer 3, Layer 7 Firewall
Intrusion Detection/Prevention System (IDS/IPS)
Content filtering
Web search filtering
Geo-IP-based firewalling
IPsec VPN connectivity
Advanced Malware Protection

The system proactively send email warning and alerts to admin before the problems start to impact the systems

Admin can manage Meraki security directly from Cloud anywhere anytime.

Duo aims to secure customer remote or hyhbridge workforces so they can work from any devices securely. |

Without the need of client VPN, Duo provide multi factor authentication, SSO (Single Sign On) services. Duo verifies user identity and device health at every login attempt, providing trusted access to your applications.

Duo Network Gateway (DNG) can protect LEGACY WEB SERVERs which do not support MFA.
Contact IT Pattana team for 30-day Duo security solution free trail with no obligation.

Cisco Umbrella is DNS-layer security that protect you against phishing, malware, and ransomware attacks.

Truely protect hybridge workforces whether they work from office, or work outside the office.

Besides secure the connection, Cisco Umbrella also offers DLP where it analyzes sensitive data in-line to provide visibility and control over sensitive data. DLP does more than retroactively alert you of potential leaks and abnormal file transfers.

DLP policy can block the transfer of your sensitive data before it even leaves your organization.

Contact IT Pattana for Cisco Umbrella 30-day free trial with no obligation.

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