Pico Cela

Pico Cela is specialized in WiFi Mesh muti-hop technology from Japan. With Pico Cela Backhual technique, it reduces hop latency to 2 ms per hop (compared to 10-15 ms on other brands). Pico Cela separates its Backhual antennas from its Access antennas. Pico Cela is best fit for challenging environments where installing fiber cables are costly or not possible such as large Outdoor contruction site, large stores or shopping center where shop layout changes frequently, Factory warehouse where Fiber and LAN cabling can be too costly. Pico Cela can save up to 70% of LAN cabling while not compromizing the network performance. 

Pico Cela PCWL-0410 is outdoor Access Point disigned for Mesh connection. Key benefits of Pico Cela PCWL-0410 are

- Outdoor Access Point with IP67 with operating temperature from -40 to 80 celcius degree
- 85% less LAN cabling reliance
- 50% less installation cost
- Swift deployment and removal (~1hr)
- AP intervals spanning up to 200 meters (650ft)
- Successful operational performance with 10+ hops
- Enhanced availability with trouble-shooting as fast as 1sec

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