ITPattana is #1 local IT Outsource in EEC WHA ESIE, Amata Pluakdaeng, Rayong and Chonburi

If you are looking an IT company in setting up a New Plant in EEC Rayong and Chonburi

If you are looking for help to coordinate with local ISP (Internet Service Provider), Telco companies

If you are looking to buy IT Hardware and Software locally

If you are looking for IT Ongoing Support for your established plants in EEC Rayong and Chonburi

Choose where you want to start from the services we have.


What Customers say about us.
IT Pattana team has 11 years of experiences in IT Outsource Support and Implementation in Rayong Thailand. If you have these problems, call ITPattana.

Reynold's partnership with IT Pattana has been so beneficial to our business.
I recommend their service to others.

"IT Pattana has always followed through true to their words"

In our business the amount of production data and information we process is our lifeblood, along with our day-to-day systems we use. IT Pattana has shown that they understand not only the IT but also our business needs and priorities. IT Pattana exceeded our expectations of their service by taking on fight that was not necessarily theirs. When our internet was having connection issues, severely impacting our ability to work effectively, IT Pattana took the action immediately and worked closely with the Telco until the problem got fixed.

Everyone at Reynolds knows we have the best IT support available. We all appreciate knowing that there is no crisis IT Pattana can't or won't fix. And always with a smile.




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A Complete Guide to Select ISP
(Internet Service Provider) in Thailand

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A Complete Guide to Select
Cloud Service Providers in Thailand
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