IT Pattana regularly conducts seminar, webinar with leading technology partners. Cisco Meraki DELL HPE Aruba and Cybersecurity partners are our focus. We believe in continuous team and client technical skills updates. We believe in returning profits to local communities in Thailand. Our services drive from pratical solution, and we do not believe in price war or moving boxes with no value addes.

2022 Webinar conducted by CIsco Thailand and IT Pattana
#Meraki Talos #MX Advanced Security #IDS/IPS #Web URL Filtering #Firewall L3 #FirewallL7 #Ransomware Protection

2022 Cisco Thailand Eco System Online Event
There are 6 Cisco selected partners to present the local developed applications based on Cisco and Meraki technologies.

#IT Pattana RTLS solution #LOKATE RTLS #Meraki API #Meraki BLE Sensor #Location Tracking Use Cases in Helathcare and Eduction industries

2021 Donate needs to local field hospitals right at Covid-19 peak period in Thailand
#Save Thailand #Save Rayong #We will get pass this crisis together

2021 Thailand Upcoming PDPA (Private Date Privacy Act) Webinar
PDPA is Europe GDPR-alike, and PDPA has been effective on June 1st, 2022
PDPA will help promote Thailand Data Security and Practice to match the international Data protection standard. IT Pattana is one of the Data Security professional supporting PDPA for all customers in Thailand EEC Rayong and Conburi.

2020 Meraki Webinar
Meraki is Cisco Cloud based. It is one of the fastest growing entity in Cisco family. Meraki is just SIMPLE and WORK!

2020 IT Pattana Cisco Booth at "Manu Tech Update 2020 in Conburi"
IT Pattana attended the government sponsor event at Chonburi. We offered the enterprise Cisco and Meraki solutions to manufacturing customers in Chonburi and Rayong industrial estate.

2020 RTLS Location Tracking Seminar
Local RTLS applicaiton developed by IT Pattana can bring valves to Helthcare as well as Manufacturing customers. RTLS promotes work efficientcy, help workers find Tags real time.
Heathcare can use RTLS BLE Tags to find expensive medical devices.
Manufacturing can use RTLS BLE Tags to count Raw materials and Good Finishes in Warehouse in real time.

2020 IT Pattana Inhouse Training
IT Pattana condcuts Cisco LAB in house training for local manufacturing customers. To bring the best promising Meraki Cloud systems with Simple and Work solution.

2018 Cisco Solution Days at Rayong Garden Hotel
Cisco brought in Teleworker solution show case. Teleconference promotes the Hybridge works, Cisco WebEx is the infrastructure that drive the Cisco Teleconference new era.

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